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My grandfather taught the king of Romania how to ride horses

My grandpa taught the king how to ride Horses in Romania🇷🇴 He was probably the only brown person Working that close to royal blood. He not only taught him How to ride, he was his to go to horse person & trainer.

There are good stories and terrible stories about my Grandpa. He was very damaged from the 1st World War. He fought the war on a horse with a sword. At 18 years old and it damaged him in a lot of ways.

It was probably better that I never met him.

I, however got obsessed with him because I was being bullied in school for not being blond & blue eyed & my name wasn’t “Anderson” or “svensson” but ..Saidac. Which means “welder of arrows ,sword welder” 🙃 you can probably guess where it’s from 😉

So he was the source to why I didn’t look like the other kids & therefore I wanted to do everything he did with horses. Every picture I could find Of him on a horse I studied. If you swipe & look at the pick of him, notice how his rains are almost slacking and he is not pulling on the horses mouth. He was such a elegant rider.

I studied him vigorously.

I looked at his seat. I looked at how he held the reins. I looked at how beautifully brown he was and how proud he looked. I studied how he carried himself with the straightest back I ever seen, I looked at what the horses looked like. I was his student but he wasn’t alive.

One day I found his polo mallets in our garage and I couldn’t comprehend what it was. Riding dressage and jumping wasn’t my thing. I was already into the crazy horses that needed help. You could throw me on just about anything and I accepted the challenge (I was about 10-11 years old)

I brought the mallets to my dad and he said “those are your grandpas. It’s polo mallets. They would play it in the war to maintain the horses” 🤯 “polo? What is that?”

My dad responded “It’s a ball game on a horse”

Even more 🤯😍

“Wait? Ball sport, team game?, on a horse? No more mean girls in the barn ?😍🤯”

Haha & on that road I went.

As awful as my grandpa might have been in real life. I have his DNA and his DNA always made sure I carried on being horse people in our family & I’m proud of that. I carry us loud & proud. Latcho drom Tati!🔮🧿💫

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