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Gypsy on a horse is about helping humans connect with horses by connecting with themselves.

The medicine of the horse is forcing us to dive deeper within ourselves. My way of teaching is to develop partnerships and trust without killing the spirit of the horse while simultaneously looking at the human.

I'll help you make the horse want to participate without force but meeting each other halfway, whether it's the the athlete horse, minature pony or the wild mustang. Everybody wins when you touch the magic of the true connection with the horse.


Get to know me


My name is Alexandra Saidac Ector, but in the horse world Im mostly known by Sandrita.


I grew up playing polo professionally in Argentina, Spain and Sweden, but my real start with horses is in my DNA. I am descendant of horse people. 

My grandfather taught the king in Romania how to ride and was his to go to person when it came to horses. I never met him but I was always obsessed with him and would study his pictures on horses and try to understand how to be a better rider. He was my teacher and I was his student, but his teachings was always in my gut feeling and I have honored that since I was a child. He was also a polo player and that’s why I went into polo.


I later became one of the best female players in Europe but I always had a huge conflict inside of me.  

It never sat right with me when I played polo how we trained the horses. 


I always drove my trainers insane with questions “but why four reins?”

“Can’t you make them run faster because they want to run faster?”

“Can I try and play this game without a bit?”

My poor trainer would wipe his sweat off his forehead trying to answer all my questions: “Sandrita, you can’t do that ” he would say.

Sometimes, quite often I would burst out:

“It’s not a machine !!!!” I have one vivid memory of me and my first trainer in Argentina got into a screaming match during a chukker because he wanted me to keep pushing the horse and I felt from the core of my soul that the horse was done and it was wrong. I always put the horses well-being before scoring goals or becoming the best player. 

He said “if you’re not doing what I’m saying, you’re gonna jump off that horse right now!!” 

So I did. Threw my mallet in the ground too. Left the game. All the boys stood there confused. (I was always the only girl and youngest on the team.) 

For me it was more important to have a connection with the horse rather than the game. CONNECTION always came first for me.

I have ever since I threw that polo mallet in the ground spent years developing my own method on how to connect with horses. Complicated, damaged, crazy, you name it. I love them all. In my program I will teach you not only how to connect to your horse, but to yourself.

My program targets your EQ - Emotional intelligence. Which is a key factor when you work with horses or face any type of challenge in your life.  Most programs with “horsemanship” focus on the horse, but most of the problems actually starts with you. Since I am an athlete from the beginning and have been coached all my life Im a true beleiver in not only coaching your horse, but you and your horse as a team. 


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